To Whom It May Concern,

The Board has been working with Star Property Managers and Dianna Morris for almost five
years and we have received value, efficiency and performance.


Dianna has over 25 years experience and believes in working closely with the board and providing customer service and support. She has worked closely with CCI (Canadian Condo Institute) and is very knowledgeable on the latest issues facing condominiums. She believes strongly in education for owners and boards and provides a depth of resources to provide local expertise. She has also built a good working relationship with many contractors.


She has assisted us with the following:

  • Assisted the board with better processes to improve quality of work,
  • Updating our Bylaws and Policy and our Policy & Procedure Manual,
  • Becoming part of the Multi-Crime Free Program,
  • Developing an Annual Activity Program in order to assist the board in planning for such
    things as parkade, window & carpet cleaning,
  • Provides detailed monthly property manager reports that include monthly building
  • Procures quality independent trades people
  • Encourages attendance at CCI information lunches and expos,
  • Provides the board with information on how to deal with the latest developments such
    as cannabis and Air BNB, issues.

Financial Report:

  • Provides the board with up to date accounting records,
  • Made sure the Corporation controls all of its accounts rather than putting everything in
  • Assisted the corporation in getting better insurance rates.
  • Assisted the corporation in finding a lawyer who does not charge the corporation for
    foreclosure procedures.

In closing, the board has worked well with Star Property Managers and in particularly with
Dianna Morris.

Valued Customer