STAR Property Managers has been the property management company for

E’Scapes Condominiums since December 2015. E’Scapes is operated by

Condominium Corporation 152 3137. It currently consists of a 121 unit concrete and steel building and a 40 unit wood frame building. A third building will eventually be constructed by Carrington Communities. All three building are part of the same condominium plan. Each building has a Sub Committee elected by the owners in that building. The condo Board of Directors consists of two members from each Sub Committee.

STAR is a very experienced property manager. They provide us with standard financial and administrative services including accounts receivable/payable, monthly reports, budget preparation assistance, tendering contractor quotations, after hours and weekend emergency services, and Board and AGM attendance. They also manage owner billing for condo dues as well as our electrical sub metering service.

The services they provide to us enable the Board of Directors to be aware of owners and landlord/renters concerns and address them in a timely manner. I recommend STAR Property Managers for your consideration.

Brian R. Popp

President, E'Scapes Phase 1